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2. April 2009, 17:48
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PhotobucketIt begins the fourteenth weeksPhotobucket
My daughter enjoys the sunshine on our terrace.


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24. März 2009, 21:10
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My Hunny with her new Haircut!

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21. März 2009, 21:49
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My funny Girl!

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15. März 2009, 19:04
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11. März 2009, 20:29
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My daughter has played little baby and
was surrounded by all her cuddly toys!
That was so sweet.
She loves role playing and it will always warm my heart
to watch her on this!

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4. März 2009, 17:41
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The nineth week is done

Layout of the entire week following later.
Today I have again a photo of my sick daughter.
They plagued with colds again. Lights fever yet to come!
But you probably are not yet quite disturbed and went to their hobbies.

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1. März 2009, 20:22
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We begin a new month! My favorite month! Why?
There will come the spring and I love him. Everything will be new and green.
You hear the birds again and it will be warmer!
PhotobucketMy photo of the day are my two sweet.Photobucket
Both watch TV together here and enjoy the togetherness,
before it was called back for Flori … from the station.
PhotobucketHunny we love you Photobucket