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8. März 2009, 19:58
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I love this Picture to much!
It shows my two children play in the joint.
This calm and peacefulness was not always so,
the more pleased I am of those moments!



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15. Februar 2009, 21:07
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Today I have a snapshot of my two sweet children. I love it so much because I can see my son so happy as long no more!
He’s at an inpatient treatment, where we have it at home only on weekends at the moment. This weekend he could not come home. I was visiting him and use his natural innocence and made this photo!

45 from 365
14. Februar 2009, 20:39
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Today it was Valentine’s Day! And I have received a beautiful rose from my husband.
nullHunny I love you so much! null
Thank you for everything and you’re always there for us.
We love you!null