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23. März 2009, 21:50
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Today i have cut my Hair


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10. März 2009, 20:16
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Today it was my birthday!
I be 30 years now!
WOW, I can say now I go back to the 40.LOL!
I say thank you for all the nice wishes!

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25. Februar 2009, 19:26
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PhotobucketThe eighth week is donePhotobucket
Layout of the entire week following later.

My new outfit for my job interview.


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21. Februar 2009, 23:54
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Yes, I love to hear music! No matter where, I need music! Currently I am very happy to hear“ Xavier Naidoo [Söhne Mannheims]“or „Silbermond“ or „Peter Fox“.
But the best relax when I am hear house or trance music! In my student days, when I had to learn for exams, I did the best with this music! So and thats me – to listen music …

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14. Februar 2009, 20:39
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Today it was Valentine’s Day! And I have received a beautiful rose from my husband.
nullHunny I love you so much! null
Thank you for everything and you’re always there for us.
We love you!null

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9. Februar 2009, 22:45
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Normally I don´t drink wine!Photobucket
But this here is so delicious that I did manage to drink from it in one evening!
The first time I drank it just before Christmas last year! Since I love wine, but only this.

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8. Februar 2009, 22:41
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Here comes the next Picture for this day!
Photos taken by my daughter.To see me with my favorite hat.She had bought my sister the last Dezember.These I liked too but it was only this one! I gave her the precedence and I continue to seek such a cap. I haven´t found like this was like.
She forgot to bring her hat so that I did it borrow one from my. She wanted to keep my favor and I got her hat later :O)
And I love them much!