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Week Seven
22. Februar 2009, 13:46
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He Royalty from Vinnie Pearce
Date Tags from KylieM
365 Pproject by Amy Pearson


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18. Februar 2009, 22:33
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PhotobucketThe seventh week is donePhotobucket
Layout of the entire week following later.

Ahh my beloved coffee with a delicious Berliner!

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17. Februar 2009, 22:10
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Without words! My little darling just before going to bed.

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16. Februar 2009, 20:36
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Today I have accepted the idea of Gabs.
I have photographed my daughter and her favorite cuddly toy . He calls himself  „Wuffa“.
She has it since she is 6 months old!
On the other photo you can see how much he was worn out but other schon. The soft toy is a replacement. But without their „old“ does nothing.

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15. Februar 2009, 21:07
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Today I have a snapshot of my two sweet children. I love it so much because I can see my son so happy as long no more!
He’s at an inpatient treatment, where we have it at home only on weekends at the moment. This weekend he could not come home. I was visiting him and use his natural innocence and made this photo!

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14. Februar 2009, 20:39
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Today it was Valentine’s Day! And I have received a beautiful rose from my husband.
nullHunny I love you so much! null
Thank you for everything and you’re always there for us.
We love you!null

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13. Februar 2009, 21:14
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WOW. We begin the seventh week today!
Write. Word for this Day!
Yes this is what my daughter is very happy at the moment – besides the paint! Yes, remember it as a mom she will get older and soon a schoolchild!
The results: